Episode 20 - When do I need life insurance?

If you don’t enjoy rock music you probably don’t know the name of the man pictured.  This is Poison band member, Bret Michaels, who we talk about with this week’s guest and life insurance genius, Mark Maurer.  Join us to chat about other fun topics like Simon and Garfunkel and Game of Thrones… oh! and how you can best protect your family from financial loss should something happen to you.

As fee-only financial advisors, we purposely do not sell any of these or financial products.  Our emphasis remains in representing you and only you.  So we strive to guide clients toward those we trust to make those transactions.  In this case it’s Low Load Insurance (LLIS).  LLIS has subject matter experts we trust to implement our client’s needs that we as fee-only advisors cannot (and choose not to) do.

Topics We Cover:

  • Protection using insurance – making sure your future income is accounted for post-death
  • When it makes sense to buy a life insurance policy
  • Term vs. Perm(anent) – product nuances and riders
  • Converting your term policy
  • When to withdraw from your annuity and penalties you may incur
  • Using life insurance as long-term care coverage

Key Points and Features:

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