Episode 21 - How To Leave A Legacy Of Generosity

What’s a donor advised fund (DAF)?  In short, it’s a tax-efficient way to consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to charity.  Greg Murray, National Sales Executive at Vanguard Charitable describes it as “your own charitable checkbook” with a tax deduction.

How it works?  You determine which organization to give to, choose recurring or a one-time grant, list as many charities as you’d like, then sit tight while Vanguard Charitable works behind the scenes to send your money to the charity.  Next, you may use tax strategies like bunching to itemize on your personal tax return.

Topics We Cover:

  • Why use a DAF?
  • How does Vanguard Charitable use DAF’s?
  • Restrictions and requirements of DAF’s
  • When does it make sense to create a DAF?
  • Who’s money is it when you gift to Vanguard Charitable?
  • Vanguard’s responsibility to the donor
  • The biggest pitfall: people don’t know about DAF’s!

Key Points and Features:

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