Medicare decisions come in the midst of one of the busiest times of your life. How can you prepare? Bryan Gay, Owner of Boomer Insurance Group, has been a leader in Medicare insurance for over 17 years. He takes a hands-on approach meeting in people’s homes and educating each client on complexities of Medicare.

Topics We Cover:

  • How should I prepare for Medicare?
  • When should I prepare for Medicare?
  • How do I know who to turn to?
  • What does the first year of Medicare look like?
  • Using COBRA prior to Medicare age rather than turning to the exchange.
  • How can ACA play a role?
  • Why Advantage65 may not be the best plan to stay with.
  • How can you pay less for prescriptions? Check out GoodRX.

Key Points and Features:

  • Connect with Bryan Gay: LinkedIn | Website
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Bryan’s ideal job: Dermatologist
  • Bryan’s least favorite word: Can’t
  • Bryan’s happiest childhood memory: Giving hugs at Sunday School
  • If Bryan weren’t judged he’d: Pass cars on highway shoulders

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