Episode 26 - Mind The (Insurance) Gap

Welcome back! We’ve teamed up with Tom Lee of HealthMarkets to chat about health insurance coverage specifically that time between jobs when you experience a gap in coverage.This is our first episode from our new office in Scott’s Addition so bear with us as we iron out audio hiccups.

Join the EVO team in our new office as we unpack gaps in health insurance!

Episode 26 - Mind The (Insurance) GapTopics We Cover:

  • The basics of insurance – what’s out there?
  • ACA/ Obamacare/ the federal marketplace
  • What to do if you have preexisting conditions
  • Maximizing IRS tax credit
  • Are short-term medical plans worth it?
  • How are you covered if you’re furloughed?
  • Exploring retiree health plans
  • The type of expenses you’ll incur
  • Parting thoughts you should remember about health insurance

Key Points and Features:

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