Episode 27 - Startup Co-Founders Talk Tech and Taxes

Let’s chat startups, tech, taxes, and karaoke with Kevin Lozer, CFP® and Roger Pine, CFA, CFP® of Holistiplan.

Join the EVO team in our new office to consider starting a thriving startup! Listen along at Spotify, iTunes, or Podbean.

Episode 27 - Startup Co-Founders Talk Tech and TaxesTopics We Cover:

  • Why leave a thriving career to start a new tech firm?
  • Advice to career changers
  • Handling the risk of a startup (Hint: join with a Co-founder!)
  • Shifting your mindset to startup rather than client service
  • Determining business to business or business to consumer tools
  • What tools are available for those who don’t have a Financial Planner
  • Strategies being used to save tax dollars

Key Points and Features:

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