Mariame Pierce, CFP®

Associate Financial Planner

Mariame loves working with our clients and finding solutions to help them best achieve their goals.  She became interested in financial planning as an engineering major, and realized she could combine her technical and interpersonal skills best as a financial planner.

Mariame joined EVOadvisers as an Associate Financial Planner in 2018 after graduating from the Financial Planning Program at Virginia Tech, where she was an active member and leader of Virginia Tech’s Financial Planning Association. She is a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and and is excited to be a part of a Fee-Only community. She obtained her CFP® designation in July 2020 and is enjoying expanding her knowledge and growing her personal client experience at EVOadvisers.

Mariame is a “developer” by nature. She recognizes potential in others and works well with them to live up to it. She strongly believes “action conquers fear,“ a quote by Peter Nivio Zarlenga. She strives to live by this philosophy because she never wants fear to hold her–or her clients–back.

Mariame spends her free time reading and exploring Richmond. She’s happiest when learning and having philosophical discussions to learn how others think and what they believe. A cause near and dear to her heart is the Divine Child Foundation, a non-profit her father started in the country of Georgia from where she herself was adopted. She’s excited to start taking up more hobbies in the area and is open to any suggestions for places to go, things to do, or people to meet! Please feel free to reach out.

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