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Too Small to Fail

A different kind of advice – a different kind of financial adviser. Richmond firm with big aspirations, challenges traditional Wall Street model, conflicts of interest. Enter Evolution Advisers.

“In this day and age, most anyone can call themselves a financial adviser, and most consumers have no idea about the large differences between them. It often takes a negative first-hand experience to learn the difference – and that’s why we often say “come to us second.” We are the kind of different most people are looking for. The difference is who we answer to. You.” John Clair, co-founder

Only about 5% of the financial services industry operates on a Fee-Only basis, meaning they don’t accept commissions or sell products. Consequently, most consumers have no idea how much they, or more importantly, how much someone else is paying their adviser. That’s a huge potential conflict of interest.

Evolution Advisers takes the Fee-Only concept even further, offering integrated financial planning and investment advice to clients on a flat retainer basis. This new approach could very well become the standard within the Fee-Only community that has traditionally charged on a percent of Assets Under Management basis, which effectively increases the cost to investors as their account balances grow over time.

Plus, the approach Evolution Advisers offers its clients focuses on their entire lives, not solely their investments, as a majority of “the other guys” still do. Their plans are developed in an in-depth, collaborative fashion, combining leading technology with the human touch of an experienced adviser with not only expertise but understanding.

Evolution Advisers is independent, Fee-Only and as a Registered Investment Adviser, works for their clients, only. It is the result of two experienced fiduciary financial planning firms that recently joined forces to create a different approach to financial advice. The firm currently employs five people in Midlothian and is optimistic more like-minded advisers across the country will feel the call to join the evolution.

The firm’s founders are both members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the leading association for Fee-Only and fiduciary advisers. Dave O’Brien, CFP(r) is NAPFA’s public policy chairman and has been influential in advancing federal regulation of advisors to do what is solely in the best interest of the client. John Clair, CFP(r) is also the Board President of the local non-profit, The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact John Clair at (804) 794-1981 or email at [email protected].

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