401(k) for Business

“Too many Americans are being charged way too much via hidden fees in their retirement plans.  We love helping businesses lower these costs for employees while offering a compelling retirement benefit”

–Dave O’Brien, MBA, CFP®, Principal, EVOadvisers

Lowering your costs.

We offer a different You-Only, Fee-Only approach to your business 401(k). Once we get to know you, and what you and your employees truly need, we go to work for you. We eliminate the middlemen and their layers of costs. This allows you and your employees to invest directly in low cost mutual funds, which makes a big difference in saving for retirement. We offer low-cost index funds. (Our core models have fund expense ratios of nearly a tenth of a percent.) We connect you with low cost record keeping and Third Party Administrator services.

Improving your experience.

We also know how a retirement plan should be administered – easy for you and a great benefit to your employees. We are your main point of contact from the time we sign an agreement, move into your new plan, announce it to your employees, and move into ongoing operations. We provide simple, understandable employee materials, a straightforward website and ongoing investment monitoring and reporting.

We have helped employers lower the cost of saving for retirement — and the cost and effort of offering 401(k) plans — for over a decade.

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