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Thinking about money isn’t always fun. Your life is busy and dealing with your financial situation can seem daunting. Do you even have time for this? You could go at it alone if you really wanted to but why try to handle it yourself when a You-Only, Fee-Only advisor can do it with confidence.

We’ve created a streamlined process so you can jump straight to living your best life, while we keep an ever-watchful eye on your financial wellness.

We offer smart, straight talk with less Industry jargon so you won’t be in the dark. See our Jargon Explainer.

With our powerful and easy to use array of tools including our mobile app, you’ll always be in the know through client articles and update videos.

Developing your personalized plan, together.

Every client relationship begins by developing your financial plan. We start by meeting “face-to-face” to really get to know you and develop a clear understanding of your current desires and long-term goals. We follow up with our findings–your life goals,  dreams, challenges, risk profile, asset allocation, recommended investments and so much more–in an in-depth financial report preparing you for the road ahead. Your financial plan becomes the framework for decisions that follow.

In developing your baseline plan, some of the things we will look at include:

  • Learning what you want to do in the years ahead — change jobs? Have kids? Send them to college? Travel? Help a special cause? Retire (into what)?  This is so important so we can see how you can achieve these goals.
  • Developing your net worth report so you know what you have and what you owe, all on one simple page.
  • A review of your savings – are you saving enough, and in the right places for you (retirement, college, health savings account, cash account)?
  • Your insurance — from home, auto and personal liability to disability income insurance, life insurance and more — you want to know that you have the proper coverage, at a good price.
  • Your important legal documents (Will, trust, powers of attorney and HIPAA directives and advance medical directives).  This includes making sure your beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts and life insurance are what you want (we often find they aren’t).  You want to know that your wishes will be honored, in case something happens.
  • Your investments.  How are you invested? What does it cost? How does it all stack up against what’s best for you?  We peel back the layers of complexity and share with you the way your investments work, so you can make an informed decision to take action if needed.  Most of our new clients are surprised to see how much their investments cost them when compared to our low cost approach.
  • Taxes.  We aren’t CPAs and we don’t prepare returns,  but we do review your tax position and work with your CPA to determine strategies that may help put you in the most optimal tax position.
  • Cash flow.  Most of our clients don’t need us to help them with a budget, but we do work together to make sure your cash flow is efficient.  This means making sure you keep more of what you earn, and don’t pay too much for insurance, investments and taxes.
  • Retirement income.  If you are planning for retirement that’s decades away or are already there, we can help you determine the Social Security strategy that’s appropriate for you.  The same goes for planning RMDs (required minimum distributions) from your retirement accounts — and making sure that your RMDs are satisfied each and every year.
  • Those unique things about you.  Maybe it’s real estate or a privately held business that we need to research.  It could be your career change or your executive compensation structure. Perhaps family dynamics, a divorce or death of a loved one require our special attention.  We make sure You-Only Advice® is what you feel when you work with us, because we take pride in doing the level of work many advisors avoid.

Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management.

Your financial plan is a living document, which should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Following the initial development of your plan, we provide ongoing management of your investments by a personal adviser who understands you, your family and your unique goals.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research*, we offer a fully personalized approach to financial planning and investment aligned with your risk profile and goals. Rather than acting on emotion, our commitment is to help you maintain discipline through market cycles.

We take the Fee-Only standard even further, offering our services on a flat fee basis. A flat annual fee for all of our services means you know exactly what you will pay us each year. It also means we make decisions based on YOUR needs, and not because of kickbacks “the other guys” collect when taking commissions or winning sales awards for trips to exotic destinations.

Our fee is determined by our Flat Fee Schedule, but may be adjusted for clients that have more complex planning needs.  Our minimum annual fee is $7,500.

* Portfolio construction and management is largely based on the contributions of Nobel Laureates William Sharpe, Eugene Fama and Harry Markowitz.

We support you every step of the way.

It’s a joy for us to be in your corner. This is what we love to do. We strive each and every day for relaxed client relationships based on transparency, and focused solely on what is in your best interest.

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