To Shred or Not to Shred? December 20, 2021To Shred or Not to Shred? - How long should you keep tax returns, investment statements and other financial documents? Many of our clients have asked us… More
Episode 30 - Is Your Estate Plan In Good Shape? October 7, 2021Episode 30 – Is Your Estate Plan In Good Shape? - This week we’re joined by Mike Bennett to chat about taking control in your estate plan. More
Episode 29 - VA529's Newest Tuition Tracking June 1, 2021Episode 29 – VA529’s Newest Tuition Tracking - This week we’re joined by Mary Morris to chat about VA529's newest Tuition Track option. More
The 5-year rule for Roth IRA withdrawals May 29, 2021The Five-Year Rule on Roth IRA Withdrawals - You may have heard of something called the "Five-Year Rule" when it comes to Roth IRA withdrawals. Well, actually, there… More
How should you best fund your child's college costs? May 26, 2021Should I Use Life Insurance for College Funding? - Parents of young children have a lot to plan for. College is a big expense and requires a strategy for… More
Health Savings Accounts Demystified – Just in Time for Tax Filing March 26, 2021Health Savings Accounts Demystified – Just in Time for Tax Filing - If you want to sock away as much as you can in a tax-efficient manner, don’t overlook the value of… More
Active vs Passive Investing February 23, 2021Investing Basics: What’s the difference between active and passive investing? - One of the most important things to know about investing is that you really should have a strategy to be… More
Logo for CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Board of Standards February 4, 2021Congratulating Dave O’Brien on his new role! - We are excited to announce that EVO’s Dave O’Brien, CFP® was named to the CFP Board’s new Commission on Sanctions… More
Gamestop gained everyone's attention with it's wild stock fluctuations. January 28, 2021The Perpetuating Normality of the GameStop (GME) Anomaly - The rise and fall of GameStop (GME) stock has come as quite a surprise. GameStop -- a company that has… More

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