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Are IPOs a good investment? General PlanningInvestingInvestment Strategy
Are IPOs a good investment?

With the headlines of prominent companies such as Reddit seeking an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2024, investors may wonder if these are opportunities or risks to their portfolios. 2021 saw the most IPOs this century, with over 1000 IPO’s occurring in that year alone – more than double the …

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Life series: Marriage
It could be said that life is a series of events. We plan and prepare for these moments in time, but can’t control everything . ...
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Presidential Election Investing
Presidential Elections and Your Portfolio
            Presidential elections come once every four years, and each is an election like never before… just like the ones ...
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advisor Investing
Why an Advisor Shouldn’t be a Yes Man
Charlie Munger earned the nickname “The Abominable No Man” working for Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway has his number two. A nickname earned by Munger’s ...
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Santa Claus Rally InvestingInvestment Strategy
The Santa Claus Rally
The “Santa Claus Rally” is a phenomenon that warms the hearts of even the most Scrooge-like investor. It describes the historical tendency for the stock ...
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General PlanningUncategorized
EVOadvisers Blog Holiday Edition: Part 3
To wrap up our final holiday blog of 2023 we are going to pull in the classic world of Dickens. Let’s give the thread ...
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Wartime InvestingInvestment Strategy
3 Things to Remember During Wartime and Your Portfolio
Let’s talk current events and your investment portfolio. We’re in an age of information. Never in history has such a large volume of information traveled ...
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Giving back to our profession EVO newsUncategorized
Giving back to our profession
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General Planning
EVOadvisers Blog Holiday Edition: Part 2
Breaking the Thread of Never Enough: Sonnet 29 Now that we have pulled the curtain back on the brain a little, let’s look up and ...
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