Investment Management

Our Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Advisory service is generally available for clients with greater than $500,000 of investible assets and combines ongoing investment management with the management of the client’s overall financial plan. It is custom tailored to each client based on their unique circumstances and needs.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, we offer a comprehensive and personalized approach to investment management aligned with a client’s appetite and need for risk with regards to their financial goals. By educating clients, we can help them act on intellect instead of emotion and maintain discipline through market cycles.

Evolution Advisers takes the Fee-Only concept even further, offering integrated financial planning and investment advice to clients on a flat fee basis, where most other firms still charge on a percent of Assets Under Management basis, which effectively increases the cost to investors as their account balances grow over time.

The flat fee is determined by our Flat Fee Schedule, but may be adjusted for clients that have more complex planning needs. Review the Schedule Here.