Meet the Team

Taylor Schmaltz, MBA, CFP®

Taylor is passionate about advocating for clients, helping them navigate and optimize their financial pictures, and coaching them toward financial success. Taylor attained CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ certification in 2021 and has deep experience with investment management and tax and estate planning.

Before joining EVO, Taylor was a financial advisor in North Carolina at Kuhn Advisors where he helped clients develop financial plans, implemented customized investment strategies, and drove investment research efforts. He developed a love for collaborating with fellow advisors on elegant solutions to complicated financial challenges.

Taylor completed his BBA in Trust and Wealth Management with a minor in Financial Planning and an MBA, both from Campbell University, in 2019. His undergraduate degree included a concentration in estate planning, retirement planning, investments, and financial planning, and he pursued a legal concentration in the MBA program.

Outside of work, Taylor loves spending time with his wife and daughter, playing his piano or guitar, and exploring the east coast mountain ranges.

Meet the Team

Financial Planner

Taylor Schmaltz, MBA, CFP®

Director of Operations

Jessica Diabo, FPQP®

Portfolio Manager

Jack O’Brien, CIMA®

Financial Planning Support Specialist

Jessica Fletcher

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