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Meet Aaron & Claire

Business Owner

Meet Aaron & Claire

When Aaron and Claire came to us, they were running beyond capacity. Aaron was the founder and CEO of a company that had over 150 employees and counting, and they had a young family they wanted to spend time with. They knew they wanted someone to help them plan, but it couldn’t just be anybody. Aaron hired experts for his business, and he wanted experts to help him with his personal finances as well.

Not only did they want a personal plan, but Aaron wanted to be the best employer that he could be. We sat down with them to help them balance personal life and company life. They weren’t looking for cookie-cutter; they wanted someone to know all the ins and outs of their situation and plan accordingly.

For their personal plan, we helped Aaron maximize the tax efficiency of how he was getting paid. In lowering his tax bill, we helped him free up some cash to meet the goals they had for today.

We worked with him to get a plan in place to sell some of his business to his top employees, solidifying a succession plan. We also added a 401(k) plan and helped him find the right benefits package for his employees to improve retention and employee satisfaction.

We helped Aaron and Claire through the estate planning process and ensured they had the right protections in place. With a small business and a young family, the plan had to be right in case anything happened.

Now, Aaron and Claire are living comfortably, balancing the enjoyment of today with their young family with their long-term plan of living the life they want to live and furthering the causes that matter the most to them.

I have really appreciated EVO’s dedication to always making it a point to meet/discuss things with both of us, to keep all questions and any contemplated decisions about financial matters in the open so everyone was always on the same page! Their ability to provide us with the given level of professional and personal attention to help meet our goals and needs is truly OUTSTANDING!!!

– Aaron & Claire

Disclosure: This testimonial was given by a current client. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for the testimonial. We are not aware of any material conflicts of interest on the part of clients giving a testimonial resulting from their relationship with EVOadvisers.

Some specific planning opportunities for Aaron & Claire

Cash Flow

We helped Aaron and Claire clarify the life they wanted to live while their kids were still at home, as well as the goals they had for the long-term. We made sure they lived the life they wanted to live today and didn’t just save for the future, while still making sure they were on the right track.

Investment Strategy

We looked at Aaron and Claire’s net worth to determine the right areas to invest in so they could be diversified. We worked with them to build savings and make sure they understood the strategy.

Tax Planning

We maximized the tax efficiency of Aaron’s compensation to make sure unnecessary taxes weren’t being paid. Without lowering his overall pay, we reduced his tax bill and kept more of their money in their pockets.

Risk Management

With a sizeable business to plan around, we made sure that Aaron and Claire were both properly protected in case anything should happen and put in place the right coverages for the business and personal assets.

Estate Planning

We helped Aaron and Claire come up with the right plan not only for their family, but for the business as well. With the right succession plan in place, the company could continue on and provide for Aaron’s family, even if something were to happen to him.

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