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Meet Amanda

Medical Professional

Meet Amanda

When Amanda came to us over a decade ago, she and her spouse were tired of trying to stay on top of their demanding professions and take care of their finances at the same time. They didn’t know what the right next step was, but they were tired of being spoken down to through rote and unnecessary jargon.

Amanda cared about helping people heal; she wanted that to be her focus, and she wanted to still be headed towards her life goals while she did it.

We started by getting to know Amanda and her spouse. How could we create the right plan for her and her family without knowing how they wanted their life to look? Once we got to know their situation, we cut out the jargon and spoke plainly how we could help them get where they wanted to go.

Now, they don’t worry about the future, at least when it comes to finances. We have a plan that we regularly monitor and make sure that each step they take is in the right direction.

Just want to reiterate how much I appreciate you. Not only do you excel in an important job that provides financial stability and security for me (and so many others!), but you do so in a way that is deeply personal and nurtures the human behind the account, too.

– Amanda

Disclosure: This testimonial was given by a current client. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for the testimonial. We are not aware of any material conflicts of interest on the part of clients giving a testimonial resulting from their relationship with EVOadvisers.

Some specific planning opportunities for Amanda

Cash Flow

We helped Amanda and her spouse maximize their savings and take advantage of all the available employer matches. We helped them create a savings goal and worked with them each year to ensure they were hitting it.

Investment Strategy

When it comes to investing, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. We sat down with Amanda and determined what she was comfortable with and the return we needed to achieve her goals, then we put the right investment strategy in place. Amanda can sleep at night even when the markets are volatile, and she’s on track for where she wants to be.

Tax Planning

We helped Amanda lower her taxable income and take advantage of all the areas of the tax code that applied; she got to keep more of her money and make sure it was working for her.

Risk Management

We made sure Amanda’s assets were adequately protected, while also taking steps to ensure she and her family had the appropriate liability coverage for their profession, and disability and life insurance to make sure the kids would be well cared for if anything were to happen.

Estate Planning

With young children at home, it was very important to Amanda and her spouse that the right estate plan was in place to make sure the family would be cared for. We helped them determine what that plan looked like, then worked with their attorney to make sure the documents were completed properly and the action items that resulted from the new estate plan were completed.

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