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Meet Holly

Senior Leadership

Meet Holly

Holly had climbed the corporate ladder and was well rewarded for it. She loved her career, she loved what she had accomplished, but now she was encountering the “why” in the road. Why keep going? Should she stop?

When Holly came to us, she knew what she wanted to do; she wanted to get out of the corporate world and spend more time with those she loved, and pursuing those bucket list items she never had time for in a world full of deadlines.

Holly wanted to know when she could get out, and what life would look like if she did. Could she really afford someone to come by and clean the house and do the yard work if she didn’t have a paycheck coming in anymore?

We sat down with her and came up with a plan. Not only to make it to the places in the world she had always wanted to go, but to do it with those she loved most. Not only to keep her dream house, but to care for it the way she wanted to (yes, with the cleaner and the lawncare).

Now, Holly gets to reflect on her amazing career and accomplishments while living the life her hard work earned for her.

I don't know anyone else who has an advisor on the same level as EVO. They have consistently shown that they truly care, as much as a friend/family member would, by looking out for us, our needs, and our best interests.

– Holly

Disclosure: This testimonial was given by a current client. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for the testimonial. We are not aware of any material conflicts of interest on the part of clients giving a testimonial resulting from their relationship with EVOadvisers.

Some specific planning opportunities for Holly

Cash Flow

We worked with Holly to determine what her monthly spending was, and what she would WANT it to be if she were pursuing her dreams the way she wanted to. Once we determined what that should look like, we helped her put together a long-term plan so she could live that life, but still be able to provide after her passing for the causes she cared about.

Investment Strategy

Holly came to us with Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), company benefits, and the funds she had accumulated herself. We helped her make sense of it all and reduce the risk in her portfolio so that her plan was solid.

Tax Planning

With all that compensation and all those stock grants, Holly had a complicated tax picture that resulted in a lot of her earnings going to tax payments. We came up with a plan to diversify her net worth, while also doing it so that she didn’t have to pay huge tax bills.

Risk Management

Holly had worked hard, and she had saved well. We reviewed her insurance coverages to make sure that all of her hard work and her assets were covered. A few million dollars in an umbrella liability policy wouldn’t cut it, so we helped her shop for one that would be sufficient for her needs.

Estate Planning

Holly cared deeply about making the world around her a better place. We came up with a plan that allowed the causes she cared most about to be furthered, whether she lived only one more year and 50 more.

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