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Tax Loss Harvesting – Why Your Losses Aren’t Really Lost

Why your losses aren’t lost. Investing for the long term means accepting that some of your investments may go down in value at times. If you buy a mutual fund for $30/share, and it’s price drops to $25/share, you have what is known as an unrealized loss (assuming you still …

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Mistakes Your Financial Advisor Can Prevent
Sometimes, your financial life can look like this. You have an amazing estate planning attorney, a great CPA, a competent investment manager, an insurance agent ...
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Investing in Art Using Masterworks® – is it Worth the Hype?
Investing in Art, Can Art be an Investment? Investing in Art – Masterworks® carves up the masterpieces Investing in art has long been seen as ...
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What the heck is an SREC?
Thinking about “going solar” at your house?  We finally did at our home and couldn’t be happier.  We’ve been generating our own power since June ...
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Paper Shredder General PlanningIdentity ProtectionTax
To Shred or Not to Shred?
How long should you keep tax returns, investment statements and other financial documents? Many of our clients have asked us what to do with years ...
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The 5-year rule for Roth IRA withdrawals General PlanningInvestingRetirement
The Five-Year Rule on Roth IRA Withdrawals
You may have heard of something called the "Five-Year Rule" when it comes to Roth IRA withdrawals. Well, actually, there are three five-year rules to ...
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Episode 27 – Startup Co-Founders Talk Tech and Taxes
This week we’re joined by Kevin Lozer, CFP® and Roger Pine, CFA, CFP® to chat about leaving a thriving career to begin a startup.
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Episode 25 – Your Finances During COVID
This week we’re joined by the entire EVO team to celebrate our 25th podcast.
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Episode 21 – How To Leave A Legacy Of Generosity
This week we’re joined by national sales executive, Greg Murray, of Vanguard Charitable to talk about how you can best leave a multi-generational legacy or ...
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