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LIFE series: Leaving A Job

We recently covered the life event of getting a new job. Now we’re turning our attention to the moment when employment terminates. There are happy and unhappy reasons to leave a job, and they all bring with many things to consider.

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LIFE series: A New Job
Next up on the LIFE seres we are looking at some of the financial factors a New Job can bring. While a new job can ...
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Mistakes Your Financial Advisor Can Prevent
Sometimes, your financial life can look like this. You have an amazing estate planning attorney, a great CPA, a competent investment manager, an insurance agent ...
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Medicare expert, Bryan Gay, begins his presentation on Medicare Awareness. financial planningGeneral PlanningHealthcare
EVO Medicare Awareness Session with Bryan Gay
Whether you are approaching Medicare age, already on Medicare - or simply want to learn more about it, we hosted a Medicare Awareness Session featuring ...
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How should you best fund your child's college costs? College PlanningGeneral PlanningInsurance
Should I Use Life Insurance for College Funding?
Parents of young children have a lot to plan for. College is a big expense and requires a strategy for saving. Finding the dollars to ...
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Episode 26 – Mind The (Insurance) Gap
This week we’re joined by Tom Lee to chat about gaps in health insurance.
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Episode 25 – Your Finances During COVID
This week we’re joined by the entire EVO team to celebrate our 25th podcast.
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Episode 24 – Medicare Timeline for Humans
This week we’re joined by Bryan Gay, Owner of Boomer Insurance Group to layout the timeline you should know as you approach Medicare age.
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Episode 20 – When do I need life insurance?
This week we’re joined by life insurance genius, Mark Maurer, to talk about Bret Michaels, Simon and Garfunkel, and Game of Thrones... oh and how ...
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