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Episode 29 – VA529’s Newest Tuition Tracking

This week we’re joined by Mary Morris to chat about VA529’s newest Tuition Track option.

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How should you best fund your child's college costs? College PlanningGeneral PlanningInsurance
Should I Use Life Insurance for College Funding?
Parents of young children have a lot to plan for. College is a big expense and requires a strategy for saving. Finding the dollars to ...
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Episode 19 – How do 529 plans work?
A lot of our clients ask about Virginia529 plans.  What are the tax advantages? How do I open an account? Which funds should I use? Join the EVOfi team to discuss in ...
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Saving For College College Planning
Saving for college is actually pretty easy – three things smart people always ask about college savings plans
College is expensive. Here are three things to remember when planning for you little (or not so little) ones.
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It’s a (baby)! College PlanningInvesting
Financial Checklist After Having a Baby
Your bundle of joy has arrived. It’s the most special time full of such happiness. And then at some point you started thinking about the ...
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