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EvoFi Podcast - Is Your Estate Plan in Good Shape? Estate PlanningPodcasts
Episode 30 – Is Your Estate Plan In Good Shape?

This week we’re joined by Mike Bennett to chat about taking control in your estate plan.

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EvoFi Podcast on College Financial Planning College PlanningPodcasts
Episode 29 – VA529’s Newest Tuition Tracking
This week we’re joined by Mary Morris to chat about VA529's newest Tuition Track option.
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John Clair and Dave O'Brien on their episode 28 EvoFi podcast, "The Future of ESG Investing" InvestingPodcasts
Episode 28 – The Future of (ESG) Investing
This week we’re joined by Margaret Leung and AJ Gedwill to chat about the future of ESG investing.
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Business PlanningPodcastsTax
Episode 27 – Startup Co-Founders Talk Tech and Taxes
This week we’re joined by Kevin Lozer, CFP® and Roger Pine, CFA, CFP® to chat about leaving a thriving career to begin a startup.
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Employee BenefitsHealthcareInsurance
Episode 26 – Mind The (Insurance) Gap
This week we’re joined by Tom Lee to chat about gaps in health insurance.
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Business PlanningGeneral PlanningIdentity Protection
Episode 25 – Your Finances During COVID
This week we’re joined by the entire EVO team to celebrate our 25th podcast.
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Episode 24 – Medicare Timeline for Humans
This week we’re joined by Bryan Gay, Owner of Boomer Insurance Group to layout the timeline you should know as you approach Medicare age.
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General PlanningIdentity ProtectionPodcasts
Episode 23 – FAANG and Tech stocks
This week we’re joined by Sailesh Patel, Co-Founding Partner and CEO of Scale4GOOD to dive into the complexities of FAANG and how tech is changing ...
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Business PlanningEmployee BenefitsGeneral Planning
Episode 22 – Time For A Change
This week we’re joined by Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Rich Reinecke, of Fahrenheit Advisors to talk about how to maneuver a career change in a ...
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