EvoFi Podcast on College Financial Planning

Virginia529 has a new college savings program – the Tuition Track Program. Former guest, Mary Morris, CEO of Virginia529, joined us to talk education options, college savings, and the difference between Tuition Track and the older programs.

Join the EVO team in our new office to learn more about the new college savings option! Listen along at Spotify, iTunes, or Podbean.

Topics We Cover:

  • What is the new Tuition Track Portfolio?
  • What are the risks of this new program?
  • Do the units have to be used for strictly tuition and fees?
  • What if I don’t use all my units? How flexible is it? What can I use it for?
  • What if I take the money out before the expected usage date?
  • How much money should you save for college? What should you invest in?
  • What is the tax advantaged nature of VA529 plans?

Key Points and Features:

  • Connect with the EVO team
  • Get Ready by the Temptations
  • The one thing Mary would want to do: a bike trek through Europe
  • A profession she would NOT like to do: anything that is confined or solitary
  • If Mary weren’t judged he’d: she doesn’t worry about anyone judging her!
  • Mary’s happiest childhood memory: Camping trips with her family near Camp David

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