Episode 23 - FAANG and Tech stocks

What does Google do with all that data?  How do they take care of their shareholders?  Sailesh Patel, Co-Founding Partner and CEO of Scale4Good, helps mission driven companies with their digital marketing challenges. After working for many years with large ad agencies, Sailesh realized he wanted something more gratifying and recognized the need for small and mid-sized companies to capture people’s attention.

Where will the next innovation be that can seriously disrupt the way we think about business and finance? Sailesh talks about how Google and other FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) companies use our data to create the next best thing. Sailesh encourages us to think about the utility we get from these products, how much we pay for the benefit, and what trade off is worth the data gathering.

Topics We Cover:

  • What are the FAANG companies trying to leverage? Check out this article.
  • How does Google work?
  • Are there benefits to us as Google users?
  • How much do “they” really know about me?
  • Can we really opt out from all data tracking? Check out this article.
  • Who is going to win the crypto currency battle?
  • How are companies using artificial intelligence?

Key Points and Features:

  • Connect with Sailesh Patel: LinkedIn | Website
  • Mr. Roboto
  • Sailesh’s favorite word: Superpower
  • Sailesh’s ideal job: Commercial Pilot
  • Sailesh’s favorite layover airport: Singapore
  • Sailesh’s GOAT (greatest of all time): Alex Honnold
  • If Sailesh weren’t judged he’d: Work at a bike shop for free

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