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What the heck is an SREC?

Thinking about “going solar” at your house?  We finally did at our home and couldn’t be happier.  We’ve been generating our own power since June – and have even starting getting credits on our bill from the power company since we’re generating more than we’re using.   In addition to …

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General PlanningInvestingRetirement
What You Should Think of Economic and Market News

Anyone following financial news in the first eight months of 2022 hasn’t had much to be happy about. It can help to clarify what some terminology actually means and lend it some context regarding the long-term significance of temporary downturns to your portfolio.

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Medicare expert, Bryan Gay, begins his presentation on Medicare Awareness. General PlanningHealthcareInsurance
EVO Medicare Awareness Session with Bryan Gay

Whether you are approaching Medicare age, already on Medicare – or simply want to learn more about it, we hosted a Medicare Awareness Session featuring Bryan Gay of Boomer Insurance Group. We know it doesn’t sound very exciting – but give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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Paper Shredder General PlanningIdentity ProtectionTax
To Shred or Not to Shred?

How long should you keep tax returns, investment statements and other financial documents?

Many of our clients have asked us what to do with years of papers and electronic documents that have something to do with their financial lives. Some of these are really important, and others just take up space.

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EvoFi Podcast - Is Your Estate Plan in Good Shape? Estate PlanningPodcasts
Episode 30 – Is Your Estate Plan In Good Shape?

This week we’re joined by Mike Bennett to chat about taking control in your estate plan.

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EvoFi Podcast on College Financial Planning College PlanningPodcasts
Episode 29 – VA529’s Newest Tuition Tracking

This week we’re joined by Mary Morris to chat about VA529’s newest Tuition Track option.

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The 5-year rule for Roth IRA withdrawals General PlanningInvestingRetirement
The Five-Year Rule on Roth IRA Withdrawals

You may have heard of something called the “Five-Year Rule” when it comes to Roth IRA withdrawals. Well, actually, there are three five-year rules to be aware of. And you’ll want to make sure you’ve satisfied the appropriate rule to ensure your withdrawals don’t come with an unexpected tax and/or penalty.

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How should you best fund your child's college costs? College PlanningGeneral PlanningInsurance
Should I Use Life Insurance for College Funding?

Parents of young children have a lot to plan for. College is a big expense and requires a strategy for saving. Finding the dollars to …

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Employee BenefitsGeneral PlanningHealthcare
Health Savings Accounts Demystified – Just in Time for Tax Filing

If you want to sock away as much as you can in a tax-efficient manner, don’t overlook the value of an HSA and its role in your long-term financial plan.

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