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401(k) Plans 401(k) For Business
Three common problems with 401(k) Plans

Three common problems with 401(k) Plans As CFP® professionals, we see a lot of 401(k) Plans. It’s great when our clients have a Plan that’s designed to really help them save for retirement. But that’s not always what we see. And, as advisers to businesses offering 401(k) Plans, we get …

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Cyber Crime Prevention Identity ProtectionUncategorized
Fraud & Cyber Crime Prevention
Cyber Crime Prevention can be cumbersome, but when these steps are taken, it can enhance financial security. When it comes to cyber security and your ...
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60/40 Portfolio General PlanningInvestingInvestment Strategy
Death of the 60/40 Portfolio?
News headlines in 2022 continuously touted the end of the 60/40 portfolio – the traditional not-too-conservative, but not-too-risky mix of 60% stocks and 40% bonds. ...
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SECURE 2.0 401(k)401(k) For Business
How to Prepare Your 401(k) Plan for SECURE 2.0 Changes
The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 (SECURE 2.0) made significant changes to 401(k) plans intended to expand coverage, increase retirement savings, and simplify distribution rules. It’s critical ...
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Financial Advisor Estate PlanningGeneral PlanningInsurance
Mistakes Your Financial Advisor Can Prevent
Sometimes, your financial life can look like this. You have an amazing estate planning attorney, a great CPA, a competent investment manager, an insurance agent ...
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Federal Reserve Investing
Federal Reserve July Meeting Comments
On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate from 5.25% to 5.50%. This marks the highest interest rates have been ...
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General Planning
Top 4 Credit Card Features to Understand
Top 4 Credit Card Features Seeing ads for new credit cards and wondering if they may be right for you? Unsure if your current card ...
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3 Strong Savings Methods: Apple’s High-Yield Savings Account and Other Emerging and Existing Savings Accounts
Apple’s High-Yield Savings Account and Other Emerging and Existing Savings Accounts Introduction: In an unexpected move, Apple has recently entered the financial realm by launching ...
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Investing in Art Using Masterworks® – is it Worth the Hype?
Investing in Art, Can Art be an Investment? Investing in Art – Masterworks® carves up the masterpieces Investing in art has long been seen as ...
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